Because growth is an attitude.

Growing is an attitude. The definition, design and setting up of profesional itineraries is a strategic target for the Human Resources area. A target that implies a challenge in the methodology selection, planning model, control and suitable follow-on in order to adapt to the values and culture of the organization.

¿Why invest in professional itineraries?

  • Allows to know the access and permanence requirements in each position in the Company. Design the profile position.
  • Encourages self-training providing people with the necessary competence, knowledge and abilities to access and/or promotion to a position.
  • Co-responsibles on the profesional development of both company and employee.
  • Strenghtens the permanence of internal talent facilitating internal employment mobility.
  • Facilitates in the selection process the joining of the best candidates. Showing the existing culture and policy of professional development in the Company.
  • Includes application systems that facilitate the internal selection process
  • Improves the management of the potencial collectives.
  • Clarifies the selection process, promotion and internal recognition.

In CRESCIT Human Capital we set up the professional path both vertically and horizontally. Showing maps and solutions that provide impulse to the commitment and the pride of all members of the organization who form part of it.

Are more reasons needed?